R440A (Ashrae Listed) High Purity Alternative Refrigerant (refill)



  • This refrigerant has acquired the R number of R-440A from ASHRAE.
  • R440A has 25% reduction of charging amount and more than 10% increasing in energy efficiency compared to HFO-1234yf used with same refrigerating systems.
  • R440A satisfies the new regulation in Europe for refrigerant used in automotive A/C due to zero ODP and GWP less than 150.
  • This new refrigerant is also a perfect alternative refrigerant for current HFC-134a.

Applications: MAC,Automotive A/C, Home & Commercial refrigerators.

Packaging: Cylinder 5kg

Dimensions: 300 x 500mm

Flammability: According to ASHRAE Standard 34, R433C is safety group A3

R-290 is being used with mineral oil (MO) or polyakylene glycol (PAG) oil.


Physical Attributes R-440A HFC-134a
1.     Molecular Weight (kg/kmol) 66.2 102.03
2.     Boiling Point at 1atm (°C) -25.42 -26.07
3.     Critical Temperature (°C) 94.79 81.51
4.     Critical Pressure (MPa) 4.331 4.017
5.     Liquid Phase Density at 25°C (kg/m³) 495.03 1214.1
6.     Heat of evaporation at 0°C (kj/kg) 367.47 198.60
7.     Toxicity NO NO
8.     ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) 0 0.25
9.     GWP (Global Warming Potential) 140 1430


Comparative Data R-436B HFC-134a
C.O. P 2.94 2.64
Charging Amount 75% 100%

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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